Doujin Market (25 & 26 April 15)

Yay, it's spring time again!

Salty Tiramisu will be at Doujin Market located at SCAPE. ^^

We will be selling our postcards and our White Dreamy Sky comic as well!

Doujin Market's FB

Thanks for reading!


Clear's Summer Side story

Yay, it's blog entry number 101! :D

I just read the translated version of Clear's Summer Side story, it's so adorable!

Clear, you are more human than you think, hugs youuuu! *_*

Kowtow to the fan who translated it for us fan girls *_* Our lives are so much happier now 8D

Translation is by barudo

Many thanks to nitro+chiral for creating dramatical murder summer side stories 8D and barudo for the translations. ^^

Wanted to share it here for a friend who can't download the link. xD;;;


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Yay, it's Clear and Aobaaaaa 8D

clearba 2 PIXIV

Pixiv link~

Because of Clear, I've started to like jellyfishes. Hmmm, or maybe it was because of Mikuni's help too XD

Have a happy day ahead!

It's a little late but here goes~

Hope everyone had a merry christmas and great new 2015 ^^

gerita xmas PIXIV
Secret santa! This was quite fun to do! I don't think I've drawn Gakuen Hetalia before. xD

I miss Hetalia and it's quirkiness (of course, I still don't like Alfred & ... Arthur, ya those two, hahaha)

I still like my Feli + Ludwig + Kiku combo hahahaha and the Nordics too, they're so cool *_*

Tumblr link ~

Pixiv link ~

Happy Holidays :D

Yay, it's going to be new year soon! XD

I wanted to draw more but it seems like I'm still hooked onto Bravely Default! XD

It's a nice game to play! I like Ringabel the most~ 8D

Hmm, I like Alternis, Victor & Derosso too but I don't think I'll draw them @_@

I took part in a GerIta secret santa so someone will be expecting a gift art soon... Dx

The weather isn't very cold but I feel like sleeping all the time. Dx

This sort of makes me want to play more than to draw, sigh. ._.

It makes sense that 'you are the your own worst enemy.' D8

Someone please transfer some of their hardworking genes to me, thank you! xD

Have a nice new year!


Someone who likes Japan~

Circle name : Salty Tiramisu

pixiv ID : 3582854
(likes to draw original & fan art)


White dreamy sky (WDS) is an original character story created by me.

Thank youuuuuuuu.

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