White dreamy sky III

This is the cover for chapter 3! ^^

wds chap 3 cover PIXIV

The whole chapter has been uploaded to Pixiv :
Pixiv link~

white dreamy sky P36

Hi hi this is the last page for chapter 3, yay!

Is Cirrus hiding a secret? Will he & Droplets be able to be together?


Pixiv link~

Thank you for reading! I didn't expect to reach chapter 3! So happy!

white dreamy sky P35

YAYYY! Finally, there's page 35! It has been a long time but I finally edited & cleaned everything so it can be uploaded XDDDD

Cirrus cares a lot about Droplets, but does Droplets feel the same way?


Pixiv link~

Thank you for reading ^^

I think going to events is really fun but then some time will be spent on preparing for the event & I end up neglecting my comic DDDx

But coming back from Japan & seeing so many awesome artists has given me the fuel to bulldoze on!

Comitia has a lot of nice OC manga that I really like, I hope I can support them more! ><

Kurobas event at Sunshine 60 :D 黒子のバスケ~キセキの展望台~inサンシャイン60展望台

The event name is very long XD


The last time I visited Sunshine 60 was for the Hetalia seiyuu event in 2010 & I had to stand out because I didn't know how to get an entry ticket to the event. :'D But it's okay, Daisuke Namikawa wasn't there anyway so I don't feel so sad. XD

We were very lucky to visit on wednesday which is Ladies Day so the tickets were only Y500 each :D

There's many Kurobas goodies on sale, pictures of the anime production, purikara machines, replicas from anime & of course, standees of our favourite guys :D

I miss Japan :'D
There doesn't seem to be much Kurobas stuff in Singapore :'D

(And I just remembered yesterday to upload the next page of WDS, which I will do soon hahaha)

Anyway, here's the pretty art for Kiseki at Rooftop! Hahahaha just kidding xD


I LOVE how Kise, Atsushi & Akashi look! So pretty! x3333

Can I teleport to Japan for a day? D8

Oops, forgot to add the web link XD

Sunshine 60's link

Animate cafe : DRAMAtical Murder :3

We were really lucky to be able to visit Animate Café this time & the theme currently is DRAMAtical Murder, kyaaaa so happy x33333333

The food menu is pretty yummy, when you take a bite out of each dish you can tell they put in a lot of effort to make the food & drinks tasty :D

For our main meal we had Ren's fuwa fuwa crepe dish & Mink's meat curry dish (because I wanted MEAT xD) hahahahahaha

They were both really tasty!!

For our drinks, we had Aoba's scrap drink xDDDDD sounds so suspicious XDDDD and Ren's powa powa latte :D

The latte is actually hot chocolate & was nice & sweet 8Dv
The scrap drink was something like grape fruit juice with pretty blue jelly inside :D

They were selling some merchandise there as well, I really wanted to get the tote bag but got the file instead because it was so CUTE hahahahaha OMG, chibi Ren with doggie bone xDDDDD

The rusk looked VERY CUTE as well!! But I know I will end up breaking them because of clumsiness so I didn't buy them. The can badges are cute and mini, we managed to get Aoba & Clear hahahaha

There was a nice lady who wanted to trade her coasters for my friend's Clear coaster & she was able to get Aoba in return XD Hahahaha that girl had many many coasters even though it was only the 3rd day of the cafe's opening :DDDDDDD

How I hope to be able to visit my favourite café every other day just to relax & unwind 8D

Oops, actually I forgot to mention that we ate their dessert too! The Virus & Trip sweet, ahhhh, omg their dessert is so nice xDDDDDD The kyoho grape ice cream is so flavourful & yummy D8 The dacquoise was crispy & sweet 8DDDDDD
Why is their dessert so yummy? D8 I thought they're bad boys D8 Oh well, nom nom nom~

Anyway, here's their menu & goods in case the page gets taken down xD
dmmd menu

Don't they look so adorable? :D
dmmd goods



Someone who likes Japan~

Circle name : Salty Tiramisu

pixiv ID : 3582854
(likes to draw original & fan art)


White dreamy sky (WDS) is an original character story created by me.

Thank youuuuuuuu.

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