Tourabu: Honebami & Namazuo <3

Wow it's June already!

Honebami & Namazuo say hi :D

They're a really cute pair of twins even though their personalities are quite different from each other.

Their casual clothes look so pretty too. :D

The design sort of reminds me of Shiro and Kuro's uniform from [K].


It's gonna be June soon!

Ahhh, May is coming to an end and my head is still full of Touken Ranbu XD

I really like this feeling, when a new series comes along and just sweeps you off your feet. ^^

I hope Touken Ranbu will continue to be fun and well-loved for a long time.

(Haha I also hope if there's a Touken Ranbu anime, it will be like Binan Koukou. Imagine beautiful sword boys shooting out hearts from their swords! Kekekekekekekeke XD)

Cafe time, a new blog~*


A few months ago, I created a blog about cafes in Japan and here it is :


It's all about Japan so feel free to read it when there's time, we're all busy people here. XD

Also, I started playing TouRabu and it's so fun! ^^

The servers are still accepting new players so everyone can join in, it's a very addictive game. xD

Bwahaha they're so cute! xD



It's Naichan and Karoku once again! ^^

This was sold at Doujin market as well, thank you for dropping by!

candy shower PIXIV

Overall, Doujin market was a really fun event and we'd like to thank everyone who came to support us! ^^

Fans empower us with the strength to draw more, we hope to see everyone at more events! 8D

There was also so much Tourabu love going on, so happy~~~ ^^

sakura mochi~*

Sakura mochitalia, pink sakuras are so nice!


Salty Tiramisu will be at Doujima this weekend!


Someone who likes Japan~

Circle name : Salty Tiramisu

pixiv ID : 3582854
(likes to draw original & fan art)


White dreamy sky (WDS) is an original character story created by me.

Thank youuuuuuuu.

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