ICDS has ended! And Nagisa-kunnnnn~~~

Thank you to all the nice people who came to Salty Tiramisu's booth! ^^

Please continue to enjoy our art & always have fun ^^

Hahaha because events are all over, it's time to catch up on anime!!

I had a friend that asked me, is Nagisa a main character in Free? She apparently follows a blogger who only has eyes for Haruchan, Makochan & Rinchan. Sigh, so as a Nagisa supporter, I'd like everyone to know he DOES exist in Free ^^

Anyway, the ending 'Future Fish' is totally cute & we get to see Nagisa as a very cute astronaut! :D
It's so difficult to find any screenshot of Nagisa so I had to make this myself Dx
I think this scene is so cute, it's very believable that he would bring back many cute aliens with him. It is kind of like him & his gang of penguins. Looks like one of them heartz Rinchan :DDDDD

(The screenshot is really big so click on it for the full view ^^)

The recent episode of Free was really cute & quite nervous actually, I would be very sad if Reichan really ended up with a girlfriend. It would definitely break Nagisa's heart, & I would be breaking Reichan's leg for that :D
The butterfly cookies were funny, kekekkekee xD

Anyway, will be continuing with more Haikyu! Ahahahaha, omg Shochan & Kageyama are such a cute duo together.

ICDS 2014 / Fall Doujin Market on 24th August 2014

Hahaha, it's been really fun this year to be able to attend so many events this year ^^

Thank you to everyone who bought my works, I'm glad that Original Characters are more well received now.

This sunday we will be at ICDS / Fall Doujin Market! :D

Event Address: SCAPE Level 5

How to get there?
It's between Orchard MRT & Somerset MRT, though a little nearer to Somerset MRT. xD

I'm glad to be at Fall Doujin Market & also a bit sad because it will be my last event for this year (unless I can get a booth at AFA) :'D

Oh well, see everyone there! xD

windbreaker day :D


this is my favourite anime right now ^^

i really like them, they're so cute and funny :D

namecard PIXIV

hmmm actually i like seirin & yosen's windbreakers the most, the design is really nice! kaijo's windbreaker will be my 3rd favourite! hhahahaha i like rakuzan's windbreaker as well but it's all white, i think i will get it dirty very easily xDDD only akashi-chan can wear it and look cool as always XD

Pixiv link~

Salty Tiramisu @ EOY 2014 booth 33 Candy Love

Yay, booth details are out! ^^

Here we are at EOY, booth 33 Candy Love ^^

EOY 2014 floor plan

Please come & visit us! :DDDDDD

EOY 2014 on 2nd & 3rd August ^^

Ho ho ho, Salty Tiramisu will be at EOY 2014 from 2nd to 3rd August :D

We will sharing the booth with our friends so it'll be 4-5 different artists at our booth! :DDD

Please try our KuroBas Stickers Kuji :DDDDDDD

I want to draw some MuraHimu postcards but I don't know yet, they are so cuteeeeeee XD

Event Name : EOY Cosplay Festival 2014
Venue : Marina Baraage
Time : 10am to 7pm
Admission : Free

It's going to be warm I think so it will be good to wear something light & bring a fan, hahaha XDDDDD
I think it would be good to bring big bottles of water as well.

EOY's website ^^

Ahh, the next event we will be at is ICDS / Fall Doujima (Doujin Market) Thank you to the nice organisers! :D



Someone who likes Japan~

part of the group : Salty Tiramisu

pixiv ID : 3582854
(likes to draw original & fan art)

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